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Launching of the MBA Golf Club

The MBA Golf Club Ltd (MBAGC) is an exciting new business venture that will bring the traditional relationship between golf and business up-to-date, and will put students and CEO’s on the same fairway.

Membership of the MBA Golf Club is open to individuals who are either studying for, or who have gained, an MBA degree (Master of Business Administration).

The MBA Golf Club (MBAGC) will hold a series of golf events at high quality venues throughout 2006, including the Global MBA Golf Championship in August at the superb Marriott Forest of Arden, Warwickshire, United Kingdom.

Individual annual membership costs either £45 or £89 per year depending on the level of membership required.
One year’s Executive level membership (normally £45) is currently being offered FREE for an introductory period.

You certainly do not have to be an expert golfer to join, as Gavin Bottrell, Managing Director, explains, "there are many MBA’s who would like to take up golf or who play only occasionally because of other commitments. The MBA Golf Club is perfect for them to get into golf. They can attend our scheduled events, get a handicap if they want to, and greatly expand their contact network. We also have some fantastic prizes to be won”.

Members can also take advantage of valuable preferential rates offered by the club’s sponsors and associates. "We are forging relationships with all types of companies from national hotel chains and holiday companies to niche golf related product suppliers. They realise our membership profile fits extremely well with their target market, and it’s an area we are keen to grow” says Gavin. Members are also given the opportunity to promote their own business activities free to the rest of the club, “As the club grows and relationships are made, this will naturally lead to business opportunities being generated, both at home and abroad”.

“Our long term vision is for a large organisation that will bring MBA’s with an interest in golf together. Golf and the MBA qualification both already have international appeal so it’s a natural progression”.

Further details about joining the MBA Golf Club are available at the club’s website

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