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My first set of Golf Clubs
 by: Alfred G. McCall

I remember buying my first set of Golf Clubs. The choices, were confusing at best, loft, weight, length, lie, flex… the list goes on.

I went to a Pro Shop and asked, “What golf club would be best for me?” The answer from the Golf Pro at the shop was “get whatever looks good to you.” I immediately thought “sarcasm” “I can’t be bothered with you” or “we only deal with golfers who know what golf club they need or what they need it for. I was wrong.

The Golf Pro at that shop began to explain to me that most golf pro shops have golf clubs with many different features for many different players. Some golf clubs are for higher loft, while other golf clubs are for a lower loft. Golf clubs for a slow swing speed and golf clubs for a fast swing speed. We have Golf clubs for this and golf clubs for that.

So, in the end, what he was trying to tell me was. “You have never really played golf before. Therefore, you do not know what features your golf clubs need. Get the clubs that look the best to you, it will build confidence and make you want to play more. You will then want to get lessons, improve your game, and get ready for your Second set of golf clubs.”


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