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The Most Important Golf Club In Your Bag
 by: Alfred G. McCall

What is the most important Golf Club in your bag? What is the most important Golf Club in "My" bag? Ask ten different people and get ten different answers. The driver, wedge, putter, 9 iron, different strokes for different folks.

If you were to ask my opinion, it would be "whatever club you are reaching for in any given circumstance". Suppose you believe, or have been told, that the most important golf club in your bag is your driver. That driver is no good to you 100 yards out from the green, and is just about useless on a par 3 executive course. What about that new putter? Is that any good to you in the tee box, and besides, what good is it to 2 putt on a par 5 when it takes you 7 to get there.

The bottom line is. Every tee box is different, every fairway is different, and every sand trap, fringe, rough, and green is different. You might play the same course week after week and the par 5 third is different every time to step into the tee box. It might be the tee location; it could be the pin placement. It could be other factors like wind, rain, sun, clouds, or fog. Everything changes day-to-day, hour-to-hour. It is not always easy. What club should I use? What is the most important club to me, right now?

Who cares what the most important golf club in the bag is. Lets Play. Remember that par 5 third I just told you about. It's Monday, the sun is shining, no wind, fairway is dry and short, time to "let the BIG DOG eat". Your drive is 250 yards plus another 30 roll...nice. Next a 5 iron brings you in close, you chip on and 2 putt for par. What was your most important golf club? They all seem to be pretty important to me. Now it is 3 days later, Thursday, same course, same hole.... or is it? It rained the night before, the fairway was not mowed, and it is cloudy with a 15 mph right to left wind. What is your most important golf club? You don't know. You play the same clubs and score a 9 or 10 instead of par. Why??

The answer is really quite simple. Go to any driving range and watch people hit balls, I would bet that 95% of the people at the range use their driver to hit most, if not all, of their shots. Then watch people when they get ready for a round of golf, they spend their time on the putting green while they wait to tee off. You might have noticed that there are about 12 other golf clubs in your bag.

Final analysis. Get a lesson, learn to swing properly, and use and get to know every golf club in your bag. They are all the most important golf club in your bag.

About The Author

Alfred McCall has a passion for golf, the love of his beautiful wife, Peggy, and a vice for politics. Look for his articles and musings here or at his website


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