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In this section we have some great articles on various aspects of playing golf.

 Some are serious, some are funny, some are thought provoking and some really sum up what being a golfer and playing the game is all about...enjoy!

Read our Guide to Golf for Complete Beginners

Latest Golf News from the BBC

Latest World News

January 2006 :
Exploring the relationship between Golf and Business excellence


February 2006
Developing your own Golf Style

My first time playing golf... link

The most important club in your bag!? link

My first set of golf clubs link

Clubhead Speed or Power- which comes first? link

The Pros make the golf swing look so easy! link

The Forget-about-it guide to the worst golf tips link

March 2006

You need tension not strength in your golf swing link


The MBA Golf Club is now part of An interactive site for all MBAs who enjoy sport.


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